What is Imasmari?

Imasmari is a multi-faceted experience of magic, based in Cusco, Peru. Dedicated to the joyful awakening of consciousness, Imasmari explores awareness through: our Magic Shop and Exploritorium, our Energetically Charged Guesthouse, our Events and Gatherings, and our Magic School.  Within the space of Imasmari, anything is possible. Come and remember your Magical Self.

“Imasmari” is a Quechua word (indigenous language of Peru) used in the context of riddles to say “guess what.”  The word “imasmari” captures the experimental and playful nature of our project and connects us to the magic and wisdom native to this land. Imasmari is, and always will be, revealing itself, defining itself within the realm of the magical and the joyful.

Nick Werber – Director / Cinematographer ||| Music by Adrian Portia – AsaChan ‘Minkara’

Our Definition of “Magic”

At Imasmari, we invoke the word “magic” to remind us that there is more to reality than meets the eye.  Magic is about the inherent unpredictability of our world, in which many things are beyond explanation.  It’s a reminder that everything is alive and moving and consciousness.  It’s the power of intention; it is joyful creation and experimentation; it is exploring our reality with a child’s mind—powered by imagination and open to all possibilities.

It’s about empowering ourselves and each other as co-creators of our experience, about celebrating and delighting in our miraculous existence, about working with clear intention and dedication but not taking ourselves too seriously and never forgetting that our way is not the only right way.  It’s about freeing ourselves to play and dance and…of course… wear costumes.

The Healing House of Cusco

Healing House is a socially active, creative center based in Cusco, Peru — gateway to Machu Picchu and capital city of the Incas. It is a group made up of people from all over the world, who come together to heal, create and Inspire. To heal means to make whole. The Healing House helps people realize their wholeness through creativity.

Visit our website by clicking on the image our come and visit our community in San Blas, Cusco!