Welcome to the sorcerer’s page!

In this magic corner, you will find some tips to help you on your path, to guide you, to stimulate your self-healing, to receive messages, and have fun!

The Tarot de Marseille

For those who are a familiar with the Tarot de Marseille, the French version of the Tarot used for self-knowledge, or those who wish to interpret with their heart the cards, here is a draw of 3 cards to help you today on your journey. Connect to the cards, and feel what they mean to you. If you nothing comes, don’t worry, you can have a look on the internet about their meaning and you will get the message more clearly.

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The Successive Contrast Test

You observe a color for 30 seconds and then you watch the gray one (containing 8% of each color) and you will see the complementary color. Hide the other colors when you fix the one you are testing.

If you don’t see the complementary color, you are lacking of this color (so your chakra of this color). In bio-resonance, you will have difficulty transmitting the color and your results will be unreliable. To correct this deficiency, imagine that you breathe abundantly this color for several minutes. Then check that the color is well balanced by doing the successive contrasts test again.

color test

The relaxing tube

If you need a little help to relax, put your mouse in the middle of the circle and click once to activate a purple tube coming from above your head, activating the purple chakra located on the back of your head. The energy will travel from your frontal lobe toward the back and activate the flow of energy down to your spine until the ground (you may feel some blockages in your vertebras, then just focus on them to help release them).
Once activated, you can deactivated by clicking again and put the mouse away. if not, it will automatically stop after 1 hour.

Click, close your eyes and let go.

The Oracle

Here is the card that has been picked up by the Divine to send you a message for your present moment. May you understand the message and be helped on your path to the light.